Water Treatment Plant

Noordoewer Water Treatment Plant


Clarifiers at Noordoewer
water treatment plant
Capacity of plant:
250 m3/day
Source of water :
Orange River
Year of construction:
Treatment steps :
Chemical dosing, flash mixing, flocculation, settling, filtration, disinfection

Description of Plant : The treatment plant at Noordoewer operates as a batch process rather than a continuous process. This means that water does not flow through the plant continuously as is the case with most other water treatment plants NamWater operates.

This is how it works:

Raw water from the Orange River is abstracted from an irrigation canal and pumped via a pipeline to the NamWater plant. Four clarifiers are filled in sequence. Once full pumping is stopped.


Before the water enters the 4 clarifiers, it is dosed with a flocculant. HTH powder for disinfection is also dosed into the clarifier. The mixing of the chemicals with the water and the formation of floc takes place in each clarifier as it is being filled with water. After a clarifier is filled to capacity, the floc is ed to settle for three hours.


After settling, the water is pumped out of the clarifiers through sand filters and then to several elevated reservoirs. The clarifiers are cleaned, the settled sludge removed and then a new batch is started by filling the clarifiers again.


The elevated reservoirs are fitted with a floating chlorine dispenser for the final disinfection step. From these reservoirs water is then distributed to customers.

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