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About Us

NamWater is a commercialized water entity and is not privatized. The Government of the Republic of Namibia is the sole shareholder, represented by a Board of Directors.

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If one looks at Namibia landscape at independence, the percentage of access to potable water was between 43% to 45%. According to 2011 census this number has changed drastically. Above 60% of people in Rural Namibia have access to potable water while in urban area it is 98%. It took efforts to achieve these levels in order to fulfil the company’s mandate. On average 85% of the population in Namibia have access to clean water.

NamWater supplies water to the whole country in 14 Regions, urban and rural. Our people should appreciate the process of supplying water to them. Water flows because of resources invested in it and a dedicated team that plans and coordinates the implementation of the water supply process. NamWater often experiences complaints about the cost of water. What people have to realize is the fact that Namibia is a semi-arid country and water is not always available. Often, people settle where water sources are not available, so NamWater has to put up water pipes to transport water to where people live and pump the water to where the people are. The investment in water infrastructure and the cost of transporting water contribute significantly to the price that the Water Utility charges to the customers. Another factor is the economy of scale. Namibia is sparsely populated to such an extent that the numbers that contribute towards the economies of scale are just not there. Thus, unit costs are always high due to the small population. However, the NamWater Act makes provision for the shareholder to come on board and subsidize water for those who cannot afford it and this issue has already been discussed at Cabinet level. Another achievement lies in the quality of the water that NamWater supplies to the people. The quality of our water compares well with global standards. In Namibia one can drink water directly from the tap. This is not the case with many countries around the world.

Access to potable water:

  • Urban 98%
  • Rural 94%

Access to sanitation:

  • National 34%
  • 94% access to potable water in rural areas
  • 98% for urban areas
  • Financial sustainability of NamWater
  • Investment in training
  • Expansion of HRDC

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the mechanisms, processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed. NamWater takes pride in its corporate governance. Kindly find the Business Strategy, Business plan and Latest Annual report.

Who Are We

The Namibia Water Corporation Ltd (NamWater) was officially registered as a company on 9 December 1997. It is a commercial entity supplying water in bulk to industries, municipalities and the Directorate of Rural Water Supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform. The company has a permanent staff compliment of 648 employees (192 females and 456 males).

Area Offices

  • NamWater Okahandja Tel: +264 62 71 6000
  • NamWater Swakopmund Tel: +264 64 71 6200
  • NamWater Oshakati Tel: +264 65 71 4200
  • NamWater Keetmanshoop Tel: +264 63 71 8000
  • NamWater Grootfontein Tel: +264 67 71 4000

Where to find us?

176 Iscor Street,
Northern Industrial Area
Phone Number
+264 61 71 0000
+264 61 71 3000