Namibia Water Corporation Ltd is mandated by the Act of Parliamentto conserve and protect water resources.This protection should extend to assets that are employedto protect and conserver water resources.

In order to respond to the challenges that may jeopardisethe process of providing water, a Hotline service is madeavaliable to you, as the stakeholder to provide relevantinformation that you think needs to be made known to NamWaterto ultimately ensure an uninterrupted supply of water.

This service allows you as a stakeholder to report any case committed against NamWater that may come to your knowledge.

The following are examples of incidences that can

be reported, although not limited to:

  Poor Service
 Vandalism of Infrastructure
 Pipe Breaks
 Theft of Any Kind
 Misuse and abuse of assets
 Any illegal/Unconstitutional acts committed against water supply facilities.
  • Information obtained will be treated with outmost confidentiality
  • Reporting can be done anonymously, if the informant so wished
  • Please be specific and as brief as possible when giving information to
    enable us to follow up on th concern raised.
  • Give the information in the language you are comfortable with
  • Persons who wish to receive feedback should their contact details