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Services of NamWater is decentralised to the five Business Units namely; Business Unit North-West, Business Unit North-East, Business Unit Central, Business Unit Coastal and Business Unit South.

Hydrological Services - Sea Disalination

The hydrological cycle in Namibia indicates that of the rainfall received, 83% is evaporated, 14% is lost through transpiration, 2% is run off in the rivers and 1% seeps underground; which may later be extracted through boreholes for consumption. Namibia sources of water are: border rivers, dams on ephemeral rivers, ground water, fountains, seawater desalination and recycled water.

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Plans to build desalination plants along the Namibian Central Coast dates back to as early as 1996. Feasibility studies carried out revealed that desalinated water is a viable option to supply the customers of the Central Coast whose demand for potable water has increased to more than the sustainable yield of the ground water resources. However, although NamWater long wanted to build its own desalination plant at the coast, the Water Utility has not yet managed to build a plant of its own citing challenges such as costs and plans are still underway to make this dream a reality.

Currently, Namibia has a desalination plant at the Coast which is wholly−owned by Arano Resources Namibia and operated by Aveng Water Treatment Namibia. This plant currently supplies NamWater with 12 million cubic meters of water a year. This volume of water is sold on to the Mines and Industry in general located outside the town lands. It has the short−term capacity of 20 million cubic meters per Annum, and can be increased over a medium to long−term capacity of up to 45 million cubic meters a year.

The Erongo region’s water demands for the communities and the mines currently stand at about 20 million cubic meters per annum. Consultants have been appointed to commence with a KfW sponsored feasibility study to consider the future supply of water to the Central Coast and the Central Areas of Namibia and even as far as Botswana.

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The Namibia Water Corporation Ltd (NamWater) was officially registered as a company on 9 December 1997. It is a commercial entity supplying water in bulk to industries, municipalities and the Directorate of Rural Water Supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. The company has a permanent staff compliment of 594 employees (157 females and 437 males).

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